Chemotherapy for the Cat: Are Cats Just Small Dogs?

 Dennis W. Macy DVM, MS
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523


Drug  Comments Recommendations
Anti-neoplastic agents:
Azathioprine  Leukopenia hepatic toxicity  Use at reduced dose: 1 mg /kg EOD or use chlorambucil
Carboplatin  Bone marrow sensitivity Use at reduced dosage: 200-220mg/m2/Q 3wk
Chlorambucil  Limited bioavailability Use at increased dosage 6-8 mg/m2 daily
Cisplatin  Acute pulmonary edema and death Do not use systemically
Cytoxan  Less chance of chemical cystits, carcinogen Round down do not divide tablets 
Doxil (Liposome encapsulated doxorubicin) Causes skin lesions, toxic  Do not use 

Doxorubicin  (Adriamycin) Renal toxicity  Reduce dosage 25mg/m2 or 1 mg/kg q 3 wks
5-Fluorouracil  Acute CNS toxicity and death Do not use
Piroxicam GI bleeding, unstable in solution Avoid liquid formulations