Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference 2001

October 9 - 11, 2001 Atlantic City, New Jersey

Colorectal Surgery

Feline Megacolon

Chronic Otitis: Which Treatment Option is Best?

Emergency Surgeries of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Surgical Management of Respiratory Emergencies

Management of the Trauma Patient

The Bite Wound Patient: A Potential Surgical Emergency

Surgical Management of Urogenital Emergencies

Management of Peritonitis

The Neurological and Pharmacological Basis for Fears and Anxieties

Counterconditioning and Desensitization

Fears and Fear Aggression

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Behavior Problems in Senior Dogs

Aggression Between Dogs

Prognosis of Behavior Problems

Arthroscopy in Small Animal Orthopedics

The Science and Decision Making Behind Surgical Treatments for Hip Dysplasia

The Uses of Advanced Imaging Modalities for Orthopedic and Spinal Cord Diseases

Should I be a "Gardener" or a "Carpenter" for this Fracture Repair?

Neurolocalization Made Simple - Parts 1 and 2

Neuromuscular Disorders

Feline Neurologic Diseases

Updates on Seizure Management

Neurologic Emergencies

Recognition of Canine Oral Lesions

Recognition of Feline Oral Lesions

Dental Radiology

Extraction Techniques and Complications in the Dog and Cat

Recognition and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Recognition and Treatment of Endodontic Disease

Jaw Fracture Management

Recognition and Treatment of Oral Tumors

Palatal Surgery

Diagnosis and Treatment of Unusual Oral Lesions

Myths and Legends in Animal Behavior: From the Past and Present

Development of Behavior: Evolutionary Background - Normal Cat Behavior

Development of Behavior: Evolutionary Background - Normal Dog Behavior

Pharmacology and Behavior: Demystifying Neurotransmitters and Their Role

Pharmacology and Behavior: Neurochemistry of Anxiety and Aggression

Screen for Separation Anxiety and Noise Phobias in Dogs

Pharmacology and Behavior: Review of Commonly Used Drugs

Pharmacology and Behavior: Practical Applications

How Animals Perceive the World: Non-Verbal Signaling

Aggression: Triggers, Flashpoints, and Diagnoses

Aggression: Treatment Options

How to Deal with Anxiety and Distress Responses: Cats and Elimination, and Cats and Aggression

How to Deal with Anxiety and Distress Responses: Dogs

Changing Attitudes about Cancer: Prevention, Screening, and Early Diagnosis

An Algorithmic Approach to Superficial Tumor Management

Management Considerations for Incidental Adrenal, Splenic and Pulmonary Nodules

Palliative Care in Companion Animal Oncology

Vaccine-Associated Sarcomas: Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies

Current Management Recommendations for Canine Mast Cell Tumors

Canine and Feline Lymphoma: Review of Prognostic Factors and Treatment Options

Nasal Neoplasia in the Dog and Cat

Prognostic Factors for Canine and Feline Mammary Cancer

"Natural" Does Not Mean "Safe"

Herbal and Other Natural Products Pose Intoxication Risks to Pets

Illicit Drug Intoxications of Small Animals

Feeding Tube Placement

Perineal Hernia Repair

Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair

Surgical Treatment of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus

Management of Cystic and Urethral Calculi in Male Dogs

Surgery of the Feline Urinary Tract

Brachycephalic Syndrome

The Vomiting Dog - Diagnosis

Pharmacologic Control of Vomiting

Disorders Causing Vomiting in Cats

Diarrhea Caused by Giardia and Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxicosis

I nflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Intestinal Lymphoma in Cats

Diagnosis and Management of Large Intestinal Disorders in Dogs

Liver disease: Diagnostic Evaluation

Management of Chronic Liver Disease in Dogs

Management of Chronic Renal Failure: Beyond the Can

Critical Care of the Acute Renal Failure Patient

Strategies for Protein Losing Nephropathy

Those Stubborn UTIs: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques

Diagnosis and Medical Management of Canine Prostatic Disease

The Leakers: Disorders of Micturition and Continence

Endocrine Emergencies

Intravenous and Intraosseous Catheter Placement in the Companion Animal

Fluid Therapy for the Companion Animal

Transfusion Medicine for the Companion Animal

Triage in the Emergency Room

Management of the Shock Trauma Patient

Nursing Care of the Critically Ill Patient

Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient Part I

Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient Part II

Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation: Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Behavior Fundamentals

Canine Communication

Changing the Owner-Pet Relationship

Disobedient and Excitable Dogs

The Neurologic Examination

Common Drugs Used for Neurologic Diseases

Thoracic Trauma: The Do’s and Don’ts of Chest Triage

Current Thoughts on Cardiopulmonary Arrest and Resuscitation

Respiratory System Monitoring: Basics of Pulse Oximetry and Capnography

Canine Dentistry

Feline Dentistry

Assisting with Extractions

Periodontal Disease in Dogs and Cats

A Systematic Approach to Cancer in Pets: Clinical Evaluation and Staging

Chemotherapy: Safety and Use

Evaluation of Superficial Masses: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations

Initial Management of the Poisoned Patient